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NewLita LLC produces facing tiles and other products made from travertine. On this page we'll tell you about travertine's main features and explain why it is so popular among designers, architects and everyone looking for a good natural facing material.

Travertine is created by Nature — that's why it's so beatiful and durable. Thanks to its warm colors and softness, it's widely used for both interior and exterior works. Other travertine products (like stairs, moldings and tables) are also very, very popular. By the way, you can find all these products at our warehouse in Moscow.

Travertine's features and affordable price (compared to marble and granite) have made it really popular in the construction industry. Travertine is the choice of leading designers and architects, and now you can also use it to create a really unique interior in your house or office.

Please visit our office to learn more about our products. We can also schedule a visit to our warehouse where you can have a look and touch all those products.